Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mypravasi ?
    Mypravasi is platform to find out alternate travel options.
    Mypravasi is an answer to problems such as :-

    Commuting within city
    1. Crowded public transport
    2. Expensive taxi and hassle of rickshaws
    3. Traffic chaos

    Intercity travel
    1. No reservation in buses & trains
    2. Delayed services
    3. Expensive last minute bookings

  2. How does Mypravasi help in travelling or commuting problems ?
    Mypravasi is online ride sharing app. This app is designed to cater to both within city and intercity commuting. By using Mypravasi, you can travel comfortably with a verified & trusted member on daily basis or one time. You save money, time & hassle of booking taxis & catching rickshaw etc.
    You can chose to offer a ride or seek ride with Mypravasi.
    If you offer a ride in your car : Your co-traveller shared your cost at a specific rate hence you can cut down fuel cost by atleast by 60%. You get a company to travel with hence your social network is widened in real sense.
    If you seek a ride in someone’s car : You pay far less than a taxi, rickshaw or AC bus for comfortable ride. You have no hassle of catching a train or bus hence no crowd.
    Mypravasi helps the city to reduce traffic as lesser number of cars will be on the road.

  3. How does Mypravasi work ?
    Simple! Just follow the steps
    1. Download our app (Serach Pravasi on Google play store or Apple app store).
    2. Register with 3 different convenient ways available on app – Login with Aadhar, Facebook or Google.
    3. Upload your ID card through Gallery or Camera – This is to ensure your safety. We verify all our members.
    4. Select Source, Destination, travel date and preferred time. You can choose to offer a ride or get a ride (Both the options are available on the same time). Just submit your request by selecting your preferences if any. You can choose return or recurring rides to save time filling the details again!
    5. You will get a list of all the available options with Ride details such as distance, travel time and approx fare along with profile & vehicle details. Select your best choice from available options to send a request. Once both the parties accept each others request to travel together, you are ready for the safe ride at an affordable price with convenience.
    Once both the parties accept each others request to travel together, you are ready for the safe ride at an affordable price with convenience.

  4. Is travelling with an unknown person safe ?
    We ensure that we verify all our members post registration. We also take Govt ID copy as proof of identity such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport or Driving License. Members can not post any rides (offer & seek) without submitting a valid Govt ID. We verify the authenticity of the Govt ID and provide a verified user badge once the process is satisfactorily completed.
    All the members/ users are requested to ensure to chose verified users as travel partner. For any reason, if you are not comfortable you can skip and check other members.
    To ensure that you travel with same person who you have confirmed. All the ride seekers will be provided with a PR ID by an SMS. The PR ID will be identification check while starting the ride. If the PR ID matches, then you can be assured of same person.

  5. Do you recommend person to travel with ?
    Absolutely No. We provide you all the options available. It is your wish only whether you want to select one or not. You may skip all the options if you wish to.

  6. What do I do when I receive a request for a ride ?
    You can either accept or reject the request. We request you to leave any requests unattended.
    If you are declining any of the request due to change in your plan to travel, we request you to either edit or delete the ride so that you do not get unnecessary requests in future.

  7. How does Mypravasi calculate the fare ?
    The fare calculation is at a prescribed rate per KM. Rate card is available on our website for your reference.

  8. Does Mypravasi charge anything for its services ?
    Currently this is a free service. We will charge a nominal convenience fees in future to keep providing you best of the class service.

  9. How would I pay to the ride offerer ?
    Currently you can pay in cash. We are integrating various payment options soon.

  10. How do Pravasi refund the wrong charges ?
    We charge you only after providing the services as per calculation by app. In case there are wrong charges to you, it will be automatically be paid back in your PayTM account. If you have any queries regarding refund, please write us on and we will be happy to address all your queries

  11. Do I have to cancel a ride if my plan to travel changes ?
    We recommend you to cancel the ride one hour prior to start of your scheduled rides. This will ensure that the ride provider or ride taker is updated with the status and do not face any hassles. In case you fail to cancel the ride, we will deduct following sum to compensate the ride provider or ride taker as the case may be.
    For ride taker : Rs. 50 + ST
    For ride provider : Rs. 50 + ST per confirmed ride taker